Compose A 1250 Words Essay On How The Behavior Of Result Shoud Be First Had Effe

Compose a 1250 words essay on How the behavior of result shoud be first had effect on our knowledge system in working place and business. Needs to be plagiarism free!

riven and supported by information technology, the internet is arguably one of the most successful avenues through which this dissemination and proliferation of knowledge has been facilitated. Through engines such as Google and Bing, knowledge has been catalogued in such a way that one only needs to look up a search term and they will instantly navigate through a labyrinth of information to locate what they seek or the closest their search engine can get to it. Using. laptops, tablet and smart phones, many of today’s generation more so the youth literary have a virtually infinite and ever expanding supply of knowledge at their fingertips. Nonetheless, this begs the question. does access to knowledge mean that humanity is becoming more intelligent and knowledgeable or does it simply mean we have better access? I carried out some informal research on this, and the answers were rather interesting. Among my friends for instance, whenever there was an argument or someone was searching for some information, it is common practice to whip out smartphones and “Google” the issue and in most cases the answers would be available within seconds. As a result these days is has become it is easier to settle arguments with the internet actin as a sort of arbitrator , as a result it is common for people to refer to their gadgets in an argument to prove their argument or prove the opponents wrong.

However, while I have to concede that the internet was often invaluable in providing my friends the information they need. I have come to realize that instant information does not always amount to one being necessarily more knowledgeable or smarter. It occasioned the emergence of a culture of result oriented enquiry in which people are more concerned with getting results and rarely question the methods through which these were arrived at. This puts to question the supposition that having constant and immediate interaction makes us understand it better. this paper discusses

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