Comparing Leadership Styles

Comparing Leadership Styles

Please describe the three leadership styles (authoritative, participative, and delegative).

Kurt Lewin established that there are three types of leadership: authoritative, participative and delegative. A good leader will incorporate a little from all three styles, with a general predominant style; a bad leader will only use one style.
Authoritative, also referred to as autocratic, is when a leader does not consult any other sources before making decisions. This type of leadership creates a distinct line between leader and followers. This type of leadership choice is the one with the most discontent. These types of leaders are often considered bossy, arrogant or controlling.

Participative, also referred to as democratic, involves the group in decision making with the ultimate decision up to the leader. This is generally the most effective method of leadership. Upon occasion, too many opinions might create discord in which the leader will be responsible for weighing the evidence.
Delegative, also referred to as free reign or Laissez-Faire, works well with groups that are capable of making their own decisions and completing their own work in a timely-manner with little or no supervision. This method has proven to be ineffective with young children. They demanded a great deal of attention from the leader and were unable to perform activities independently. For groups that need guidance, this was one of the least productive leadership methods.

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