Companies Face Risk Everyday And Must Learn How Best To Response To Those Inherent R 2329386

Companies face risk everyday and must learn how best to response to those inherent risks. Select a risk and explain the potential impact to an organization. Detail an approach for reducing the risk. Provide specific actions that management might take. An auditor’s role is to help management achieve its objectives. How can the auditor help ensure management has taken steps to mitigate the risk effectively? Provide specific actions that the auditor might take. Auditors do not perform management functions or make decisions for management. Their value is to provide assurance that the risk is properly mitigate.
Research and provide an example of a real company in your paper. Site all resources.
Prepare a 4-5 page paper detailing a risk, how it impacts an organization, what an organization should do to reduce the risk and how an auditor helps ensure the risk is mitigated.

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