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COMP229: Advanced Web Application Development- Programming Assignment Help


Part 1:
1. Implement a web user control that contains 2 fields (name, club city). The user control can accept and display the values of these fields.
2. Modify Add Club page which a user will use to add a club and players. The fields in this form will be:
a. Club name
b. Club city
c. Registration number
d. Address
3. Make sure that a club name, city and registration number are mandatory
4. Make sure to use the web user control from step 1 to obtain club name and city.
5. “Add club” page also have a “Save club” button that allows user to save the club information.
6. Club information is saved as a collection of Club objects and available to anyone accessing the web app.
7. “Add Club page” also contains “Add player” button to add a player. This button is only available once the club is saved.
8. When the user clicks “Add player” button the following information is collected about a player:
a. Player’s name
b. Date of birth
c. Jersey number (must be from 0 to 99)
9. When user inputs the players information “Save Player” button can be clicked to save player and add it to the club.
10. User can cancel adding club/player at any time by clicking the Cancel button.
11. Update “Clubs page” to list Name, and City, value for all the clubs.
12. Use a web user control from step 1 to accomplish this.
13. Create a Setup page and link to it from the home page. This page will ask user to choose from 2 colour scheme for the application: Dark and Light. The chosen scheme is to be applied to all pages.
14. Make sure the chosen color scheme stays the same on the consecutive visits to the web app for the user using the same browser.

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