Community Project 2


I need help to write paper called windshild survy for community class.  about small city called Clyde Texas, and please follow the rubric.  i went last week the cite with group of students and we did interview with the nurse in the elementary school and one with police officer and they answer our question, I will attach the question with their answers. 

Also,  i observe the home and the boarder of the city. the houses were  small there is just one small park. i saw three gas stations. and three schools one elementary and intermediate and high school. the school building big and good and their location on the one side of the city. there is one pharmacy with one groccery store. and most of people there use the truck cars, there are one small nursing home.  i attach my friend work please do as she did in your own words. and the format is APA. i need to read about this place in google and write about it . you can use my book as reference. My book for this class :  Foundations for Population Health in Community/Public Health Nursing, 5th Edition” 

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