The Strategic Community Action Plan Project S.C.A.P. During July 4th weekend in 2021, 104 people were shot in Chicago, 19 of them fatally. This is why Chicago earned the nickname “Chi-Raq” because more youths are being killed on the streets of Chicago than on the battlefield in Iraq. The Interrupters follow the inner workings of CeaseFire (Links to an external site.), an innovative Chicago program in which a group of older former gang leaders try to “interrupt” shootings and protect their communities from the violence they once committed. This film is a unique journey into the grimy, ugly, underbelly of culture. That culture is violence. Shot over the course of a year, he Interrupters captures a period in Chicago when it became a national symbol for the violence in inner cities. During that period, the city was besieged by high-profile incidents, most notably the brutal beating of Derrion Albert, a Chicago High School student, whose death was caught on videotape. But stopping the violence in the mean city streets is not a problem that can be fixed overnight. Consider the following; this is a quote from an article in the Chicago Reporter: “Community members, youth advocates and youth them- selves consistently say that it is nearly impossible to curb youth violence without addressing the underlying social conditions: extreme racial and economic segregation, a lack of job opportunities, limited access to higher education, violence-plagued and under-funded public schools, broken families and a general feeling of hopelessness and marginalization among many Chicago residents.” Is it possible to reduce violence without addressing the social and economic conditions that breed it? The group known as “The Violence Interrupters” use communication, common sense, and street credibility to get the young people of south Chicago to stop and think before they commit acts of violence. They never claim to end the violence; their mission is to interrupt the cycle of it. One could easily say this group intervene and saved someone’s life almost every day. It is that kind of human communication and human interaction that is valuable in our study of Intercultural communication. Strategic Community Action Plan Project (50 points) The Project Your project is called The Strategic Community Action Plan (S.C.A.P.) and is based off the documentary, The Interrupters. This film is a powerful depiction of how inner-city violence is sweeping the streets of Chicago and young people are dying at an unprecedented rate. This film is what intercultural communication is all about. Dialog! The importance of discourse in cultural groups, that inspires change. Forget all the textbook terms. When you are tired of seeing all the people around you getting killed. When you’re tired of the violence, and not feeling safe in your community, what do you do? You talk about it. People must come together to find a better way. The violence in inner cities like Chicago has been called an epidemic. I am looking forward to seeing all your creative ideas for your S.C.A.P. Project Instructions: Strategic Community Action Plan Your Strategic Community Action Plan (S.C.A.P.) will address a specific problem in a community. For example: violence, drugs, bullying, racism, obesity and failing education systems, just to name a few. The problem you decide to take on should somehow affect a large group of people such as a community. Examples of topics to stay away from are individuals with psychological issues, these issues are too broad and are clearly two sided such as abortion and religious freedoms. Your program must encourage people, and inspire them to overcome the issue, much like the violence interrupters did in the film. You must also address the needs of the community. Things to consider: A Prevention Program offers: Project Requirements Side Notes: *As you prepare your project there must be details and a step by step development. For example: An after-school program should list; what schools specifically, when, where, how long meeting will be etc. **SUBMISSION: The paper and the PowerPoint (or link to a Prezi) WILL BE SUBMITTED TO CANVAS .LINK TO FILM:… Requirements: Stated above Conflict Resolution Intervention Mediation Support: emotional, spiritual etc. Mentorship Advocacy Also creates dialog, raises awareness, inspires social change, offers resources, Paper. You must have a formally written THREE-page (minimum) paper that specifically lays out a detailed description of your action plan. Please give specific details in your plan such as who, what, where, why, when and how you would carry out your proposed plan. You must properly cite the film in an APA format as a source at the end of your paper on a works cited page. You must also include a title page at the beginning. The title page will have; the title of the assignment, the class, the section number, the date, and your instructors name centered on the page. You are responsible for a logo (the logo for your program must be creative, simple clip art will not cut it). Your program must have a slogan, and/or a theme as well as your mission. You must create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation of your SCAP. Your PowerPoint or Prezi must include; an overview of the problem that you are addressing with several pictures and must have the logo, slogan, and/or theme of your program on at least one of the slides. Conflict Resolution
Support: emotional, spiritual etc.
Also creates dialog, raises awareness, inspires social change, offers resources,

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