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ave you ever seen a job posting for a great position that pays a good salary, but when you read the job description and preferred skills and requirements, you didn’t quite measure up? Do you apply for the job or do you scroll on? Well, this week, we will try applying for a position for which we aren’t actually qualified.

You have been given a job description taken from an employment website. Draft a cover letter that reflects your actual skills and qualifications that you would mention in applying for this position. Think about some ways YOU can apply for this position (whether you are qualified or not) without misrepresentingyourself. Use your current experience and skills. Be sure to add a bit of commentary explaining word choice and identify the line between “word choice” and “lying.” Everyone’s cover letter will be different. The point is for you to practice representing yourself well and accurately for a job you may or may not be fully qualified for. The job description is as follows:

Legal Assistant

About the Job

Seeking a legal assistant for a Midtown law firm. The assistant will support multiple attorneys as well as provide back‑up assistance as needed. The ideal candidate will work well in a fast paced, high stress environment and have superior time management skills. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, preparing and processing correspondence and memoranda, having daily interaction with clients, processing mail, maintaining calendars and files, and handling other general administrative duties. This position requires knowledge of MS Office programs. Please email your resume to_____ or fax it to _____.

The following skills and qualifications are REQUIRED:

  • Typing skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Professional demeanor
  • College degree preferred, high school degree required

Original posts of at least 100 words. Five comments of at least 50 words each. Due by close of module.

Type your letter in the body of the your discussion board post; DO NOT POST ATTACHMENTS.

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