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Module 2 Discussion

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Original posts must be created by Friday with responses to at least one of your peers coming no later than Sunday. For modules with multiple chapters, you are required to briefly summarize all chapters covered in the module. For the original post please see the following instructions:

Part I of your discussion board post should begin with a brief (3 – 4 sentences) summary of the reading(s), properly cited, but you should not spend more than a paragraph of your post summarizing, as the real-life application of the material is as important as your summary. Please leave one line as a section break between the summary and part II of the discussion board post.

Part II of the discussion board for the chapter should include answers to any of the discussion prompts you chose to respond to. Answers must be substantive in and utilize the text to supplement the information to address the question. Original posts must be at least 500 words in length. Keep in mind that this is the minimum requirement, and high-quality posts will typically exceed this minimum requirement significantly

You must also respond to at least (1) of your classmates’ posts, in a substantive manner. It is not acceptable to repeat information from your original post in your response post to a classmate. Your response posts should propel the conversation started by your classmate forward. Posts such as, “I agree” or “Hello X, I enjoyed your post,” and so forth will receive no credit. Since response posts are a content-based grade, the length matters less than the content. It would, however, be difficult to earn full credit without writing at least five sentences in a response post.

1. Describe one of the studies discussed in this chapter, its methodology (e.g., interviews), and general findings. Then imagine how an additional study using a different methodology (e.g., comparative research) might build on these findings and generate new questions.

2. Surveys are complicated to design, costly to administer, and potentially suffer from selection bias. Why use this data collection method? Draw on the example of the GSS to support your answer.

3. Why do sociologists have to run their projects by institutional review boards? What are the “golden rules” sociologists should keep in mind when conducting research?

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