CMIT 495 University of Maryland Global Campus Cybersecurity Threat Landscape Paper

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Advanced persistent threats (APTs) have been thrust into the spotlight due to their advanced tactics, techniques, procedures, and tools. These APTs are resourced unlike other types of cyber threat actors.

Your chief technology officer (CTO) has formed teams to each develop a detailed analysis and presentation of a specific APT. Your APT will be APT 38, aka, un-usual suspects. APT 38 is a financially motived North Korean regime-backed group.

Your part of the assignment will be:

Part 4: Machine Learning and Data Analytics

    • Describe the concepts of machine learning and data analytics and how applying them to cybersecurity will evolve the field.
    • Are there companies providing innovative defensive cybersecurity measures based on these technologies? If so, what are they? Would you recommend any of these to the CTO?

Part 5: Using Machine Learning and Data Analytics to Prevent APT

    • Describe how machine learning and data analytics could have detected and/or prevented the APT you analyzed had the victim organization deployed these technologies at the time of the event. Be specific.

Also, use additional sources of information but also describe the concept in layman’s terms and use visuals where appropriate.

Additionally, the paper should be 3 to 4 pages in length outside of the cover page and references page.

Attached is example and a PDF of what APT 38 is.

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