cloud computing: Discussion 5

Please discuss the following topics and provide substantive comments to at least two other posts. Select from the following list four (4) topics and discuss. Use only 100-words max per topic to discuss and present your answer. The discussion questions this week are from Chapter’s 10-13 (Jamsa, 2013). Chapter 10 topics: Chapter 11 topics: Chapter 12 topics: Chapter 13 topics: Requirements: 600 words Define and describe business continuity. Define and describe disaster recovery. Discuss pros and cons of cloud-based backup operations. Discuss threats to an IT data center infrastructure and provide cloud-based solutions to mitigate the risks. Create a DRP for a company with which you are familiar. Define software architecture. Define and describe SOA. Compare and contrast a web page and a web service. Search the Web for companies that offer web services and then describe three to five web services that programmers might integrate into the applications they create. Discuss what it means for a web service to be interoperable. Discuss key items that should be included in an SLA. Define predictive analytics and discuss how an IT manager might use such analytics. Discuss how an IT manager might use load testing on a site. Define and discuss vendor lock-in and identify steps a company should take to mitigate this risk. With respect to cloud-based solutions, list and discuss 5 to 10 operations or tasks an IT manager should oversee. List and describe common system requirements one should consider before moving an application to the cloud. Discuss why a company should consider using a consultant to oversee a cloud migration and list specific skills you would expect the consultant to have. List and discuss resource utilization characteristics one should monitor for an application prior to moving the application to the cloud. List possible training requirements for an SaaS solution integration, a PaaS application migration, and an IaaS application migration. List and describe budget considerations one should evaluate before moving an application to the cloud. List and describe IT governance considerations one should evaluate before moving an application to the cloud. Define and describe cloud bursting. Should return Main Discussion Content in 24hrs. once I receive the main discussion content then i will post the peer discussion in chat peer response should be returned in next 10hrs.

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