Clinic Progress Notethis Patient Presents To The Physician S Office For An Exami

CLINIC PROGRESS NOTEThis patient presents to the physician’s office for an examination after a Csectiontheprevious week.LOCATION: Outpatient, ClinicPATIENT: Beth OlgiaPHYSICIAN: Gary Sanchez, MDSUBJECTIVE: Beth came in today for a postoperative exam. She underwent a Csectionlast week along with a tubal ligation. She was discharged on Monday of this week and isback in for a staple removal. Her blood pressure is still up, and today it is 170/102. Dr.Naraquist has been following this. She says her blood sugars have been okay. Dr.Naraquist is following her blood sugars.CURRENT MEDICATIONS:1. Prenatal vitamins once a day.2. PeriColace1 b.i.d. (twice a day).3. Darvocet p.r.n. (as needed).4. Labetalol 600 mg (milligram) q.a.m. (every morning), 200 mg at 3PM, and 600 mg at bedtime.Test BankCopyright © 2013 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier Inc.Ch 1 Test 14ALLERGIES: NoneOBJECTIVE: Her wound is healing okay. The staples are removed. I told her not to do any heavy lifting over 20 pounds for the next 5 weeks, also no intercourse. She is to seeus back again in 5 weeks.CPT CODE(S): ___________________________________________________

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