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Read the article, Welcome to Newburgh, Murder Capital of New York, by Patrick Radden Keefe, http://nymag.com/news/crimelaw/newburgh-2011-10/

Place yourself in ONE the following roles in the City of Newburgh – Mayor, Police Commissioner, District Attorney or Commissioner of Social Services.

Utilizing the information contained in the article as well as your Criminal Justice and the Community class material, respond in detail to the following:

  • Explain the importance of a positive partnership between your office/agency and the community.
  • Identify existing barriers to a positive, cooperative partnership between your office/agency and the community.
  • How will you incorporate the concept of community justice in addressing the violent crime issue?
  • Describe the actions that are necessary to effectively address the gang/crime problem in this community.
  • Describe what future strategic policy and economic plans will address the issue of juvenile delinquency in this community and the pipeline it provides to gang membership and affiliation.

Additional reading for this final paper is as follows:


In Newburgh, Gangs and Violence Reign

http://www.cbsnews.com/news/finding-hope-in-a-city-with-gangs-and-drugs/ (2015)

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