CJ – Applied Analytical Methods

We are using SPSS to do statistical analysis. Many criminal justice agencies have developed platforms where users can do their own statistical analysis, often referred to as user-directed statistics. The National Crime Victimization Survey has a particularly useful platform to do some of your own analysis. We will be using some selected case level data from the NCVS to do our assignment this week. Use this link for the National Criminal Victimization Survey and do some analysis of your own: https://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=nvat You can either use the quick tables or try a custom table. In your discussion, indicate which table you selected and what time period you selected. For the table you selected, look at Numbers, the Rates (per 1,000 households), and the percent (if applicable). Which table would you recommend for helping you understand the data? How do user-directed statistical platforms differ from the SPSS analysis that we are doing? From your data analysis, summarize what you learned about victimization and suggest any policies that might reduce victimization. Requirements: 700 words

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