Chooseone Of The Following Kick Starts Beginning Your Poems On Pp 68 70 Ofcreati

Choose one of the following “KICK-STARTS Beginning your poems” on pp. 68–70 of Creative Writing:

2 or 4–10.

Write an 8- to 15-line poem that uses at least two of the techniques described in Ch. 1 as inspired by the KICK-STARTS you selected.

Write a separate 350- to 700-word reflection paper on the elements and language you chose to use in your poem.

  • Make note of any elements, structures, and forms you used.
  • Describe any use of imagery, symbolism, or figurative language you used, and explain why and how you used it.
  • Use proper terminology to describe the elements of poetry that are included in your poem.

Format your poem and reflection paper as directed by your instructor.

LOVELY FLOWER Oh flower, lovely flower,Who cannot be her lover,She gives an immortal power,And make the rain onto shower,So all have to think it over,To hurt a soft and delicate flower. She…

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