Choose Only Oneanswer The Following Questions In Complete Sentences Both Parts M 1

Choose Only One

Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Both parts must be completed for full credit. Each write up should be at least 2 pages in length.

#1 Eating Disorders

            Part I

A. Find 3 organizations or treatment centers that help people with eating disorders.

B. Where are the centers located?

C. What services do they offer?

D. How much does it cost?

            Part II

A. You are going to give a lecture about eating disorders to a group of 13 year old girls. Create an outline for the topics that you will discuss.

#2 Breastfeeding

            Part I

A. Visit or call 3 businesses and find out what their policy is on breastfeeding in public. Please list who you spoke to (names not necessary)

            Part II

A. Interview 2 moms that have breastfed or are currently breastfeeding and ask them the following questions>

            1. How long did they breastfeed their baby?

2. What is their opinion about how long a baby should be breastfed for?

3. What is their view on breastfeeding in public?

4. List 3 benefits of breastfeeding.

#3 Food Technology/ Food Borne Illness

            Part I

A. Explain what a GMO is.

B. List 3 foods that are currently being grown in the United States.

            Part II

A. Evaluate a food label of a processed food item. List all of the additives, preservatives, etc and give a short definition for each one and what it does in the food.

B. Log onto the CDC website and find out how many cases of food borne illness were reported for last year or most current year.

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