CHEM 1101 Idaho State Chemistry Matter and Measurement Exam Practice

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I hope this Question finds you well!

I have an exam that opens on September 7th and closes September 11th. So I would have to have it completed by September 10th. This exam is 90 minutes long

I also have a study guide that I attached below to give you a pretty accurate idea of what the exam is on. It is basic Chemistry that is only on the first two chapters. & I have an online textbook and many other sources of information I can give if needed.

Now I understand that exams can be kind of risky or iffy for some tutors. I just ask that you’d be willing to work with me. And if so, it could be as simple as logging into my account and taking the exam or getting on a zoom call with me and we could get through it together. I’ve had tutors take an exam for me before through studypool and it went smooth. Either way, anything to get it done with a good grade.

Appreciate you guys!

Prof. Angela


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