Central Texas College Why Third Parties Do Not Win in Texas Questions

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A-Track Rules

  1. You are responsible for answering one topic per chapter (but answering it completely).
  2. Put the question at the top of the page, double space down, then start answering it.
  3. When done answering a question, Page Break to a new page. Place the next question at the top of the new page, double space, then start answering it. Repeat this process.
  4. You must write at least 500 words about each topic.
  5. You are graded aggressively in every area, not just quality of answer. I expect strong, academic writing!
  6. You can only cite the book and/or The Texas Tribune and The Texas Monitor in your answers.
  7. If you use the Texas Tribune or the Texas Monitor, you must cite the book more than either periodical. They are not a substitute for the book!
  8. You are expected to cite the book (Governing Texas 4e) (and either periodical, if you use them) in your answers (consult the Purdue OWL, the library, or me on Thursdays, if you need help). Un-cited or under-cited answers can be subject to a 0.
  9. You will need a reference page.
  10. You are expected to answer the topics, then provide analysis. “Analysis” can be understood as going beyond what is in the book and showing these concepts at work in the real world (the periodicals are a big help for this). You will not get full credit for just answering the topic. You must demonstrate mastery of the subject matter. Simply taking quotes from the Texas Tribune is not analysis. You need to show how the information you used from the periodicals tie into your answer and with the material from the book.


Chapter 4

  1. What is partisan polarization? Provide evidence of how Republicans and Democrats are today versus how they were during less polarized times.
  2. What psychological and electoral reasons explain why third parties do not win in Texas? What can be done to change that?
  3. Do the internal divisions Republicans face today mean they are going to face the same fate that Democrats faced in the 1990s and early 2000s? Why or why not?

Chapter 5

  1. How has the right the vote expanded in Texas since the beginning of the state? Are more changes coming in terms of the right to vote? What are some movements that would increase the size of the voter pool or get more people to vote today?
  2. Identify four important components as it pertains to Texas campaigns. Which one is the most important? Why?
  3. What have been the important issues in recent Texas campaigns? What will be the important issues in this upcoming campaign?

Chapter 6

  1. Identify three valuable resources that interest groups can offer politicians. Which one is the impactful to you? Why?
  2. Should former legislators be allowed to be lobbyists? Try to throw in some real life examples.
  3. Who do lobbyists tend to contribute the most money to in Texas? Why do you think that is?

*Let me know which number you choose per chapter so I am able to scan the chapter pages if you do not have access to the book.

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