Central Texas College Earths Twin Sister Venus Discussion Questions

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Discussion Question 1: Earth’s Twin Sister Venus? (250 words or more)

Discussion Question 1: Venus is considered to be our sister planet for many reasons but there is one major difference…its atmosphere. Venus is the same size as Earth but its atmosphere is extremely thick. The pressure and temperature at the surface of Venus is hot enough to melt some metals and indeed it does rain on Venus…it rains sulfuric acid. Quite unpleasant! Why is this? Why the stark differences (there are reasons other than it being a tad closer to the Sun)?

How does the presence of an atmosphere affect the weather (or temperature) on a planet? What are the different ways in which a planet can obtain an atmosphere?

Discussion Question 2: The Red Planet Mars (250 words or more)

Discussion Question 2: To begin this discussion we will visit our red neighbor planet of Mars. Let us imagine that you were an astronaut on a one way mission to Mars. What features of the red planet would you like to explore on foot? What areas on Mars do you find most interesting? Expound on your choice in detail as to why you would pick that location first.

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