Causes of Frustration

We owe a great many thanks to my group members who helped and supported me during the writing of this report. My deepest thanks to Lecturer,[MS NADIA AYUB] for guiding and correcting various documents of ours with attention and care.
We express our thanks to all the participants who participated and make us complete our report. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to my well wishers who has taken pain to go through the project and make necessary correction as and when needed. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYFrustration always leads to downfall and deviation, because it wastes precious thinking ability and attention, which otherwise would have used else in constructive and/or creative work. The academic environment continues to grow more and more competitive with each passing semester, and the skills that are necessary for students to successfully complete their chosen programs of study grow along with it. Students are now expected to complete longer, more detailed reports than ever before. As well as we go around the streets, we find people arguing and fighting with others.That shows frustration in them which is mostly created by our current country situation and economic instability, as well as the financial positions of our people.
Our inflation rate is increasing day by day which makes people frustrated. That clearly shows our aim of the topic. The frustrations are of 2 types 1) Internal 2) External The main hypothesis we concluded is that people in Pakistan, especially our youth has developed a psyche to transfer their burden on others and criticize others.Through our questionnaire we have concluded that our youth need to be groomed for hard work and be focused on there on tasks as well as avoid conflicts and should have positive attitudes with each other. We members, SHEHARYAR NASEEM, SHOAIB RASHID, SAAD RASHID, ASHFAQ SOLANGI, has done research through questionnaire and came up to the above findings and results. INTRODUCTION Causes of frustration could be very practical and vast topic, as we can see in our daily life we find people fighting and cursing each other, which might be the reason of our country and economic conditions.This has actually created a very dynamic situation of our country and that’s the reason of conflicts among people.
Frustration could very lethal, because of it people could become hopeless and that’s very drastic sign for any nation. According to our findings and research we have find that frustration could of 2 types 1) Internal 2) External To the individual experiencing frustration, the emotion is usually attributed to external factors which are beyond their control.We tend to experience internal emotions of anger and disappointment when our desires go unmet or in conflict with authority figures. External causes of frustration is when something beyond our control stops us from reaching our goals (Goal: College Degree… Frustration: Too Little Money to Attend College).
Although mild frustration due to internal factors (e. g. laziness, lack of effort). The other factors could be our expectations from others which we have concluded that it can never be at the level the person is expecting. rustration usually comes from lack of patience sometimes low intelligence stubborn or even jealousy all can be subconscious nature so don’t understand you getting frustrated it can also be because something isn’t going your way after repeated attempts at something. According to our research frustration is mostly caused by INTERNAL factors, rather than external. People tend to delay things, because of lack of knowledge or education.
Procrastination is the biggest enemy for one’s creativity. Only mental strength fights frustration.Now an explanations on external and internal frustration. External Factors You are driving to work and you are right ontime. Suddenly, traffic comes to a halt. The minutes tick by as traffic creeps along at a snails pace. Finally, you start to move again, but just as your destination gets into view, the traffic freezes once again.
You can see your desired destination; it’s only a few blocks away, but you can’t reach it. Now you are late for work. The perception of wasted time in particular is a big source of frustration in the contemporary United States.This is an example of frustration caused by external factors. Your goal, to get to work on time, has been blocked by an external force. What makes it so frustrating is that the antagonist in this play is completely out of your control. There is nothing you can do to change the situation, so your emotions boil up inside as you are forced to grit your teeth and bear it.
Internal Factors You have a family and you work very hard to support them. You want to give your family the best and sometimes this means working weekends.On one of these weekends is your child’s championship soccer game. This is an example of an internal factor that causes frustration. Internal frustration is when a person has competing goals that interfere with one another. In this case, you want to provide a good living for your family, but also want to be there with your family at the same time. Another cause of internal frustration is the inability to reach a goal or act on an emotion due to either real or imagined deficiencies.

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