Careers in Food and Beverage

The following articles provide an overview of the various responsibilities of managers that are commonly found in the hospitality and tourism industry. Write a 4–5 page paper in which you: Requirements: 4-5 pages | .doc file Career Paths of a Hospitality Management Student. A Day in the Life of David Lindahl, General Manager of Daily Diner Frogtown. A Day in the Life of a Hotel General Manager. Describe the various types of management careers that can be offered within each industry (lodging, and food & beverage). Compare and contrast the differences between the General Management (GM) positions within the two industries. Analyze and describe the growth in overall employment within these two industries and how this overall growth is forecasted within the next 10 years. Recommend at least three human resource practices in which each industry can better recruit and retain management talent for their respective industry. Use the Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library to find at least three academic resources. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites are not considered quality references.

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