Campbellsville Working with Group Tasks and Group Cohesiveness Presentation

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review at least four (4) academically reviewed articles on Group Cohesiveness. Develop power presentation of the 4 articles. Support your presentation with appropriate references. Use APA format throughout.

Please don’t use these 2 articles as I have already written

Irwin, K., Tsang, J., Carlisle, R., & Shen, M. J. (2014). Group‐level effects of forgiveness: Group cohesiveness and collective action in social dilemmas. European Journal of Social Psychology, 44(4), 280–286.

Anna Karimova, Oksana Khasanova, Oksana Shemshurenko, & Alsu Ganieva. (2019). The Problem of Raising Group Cohesiveness in the EFL Classroom. ARPHA Proceedings, 1(1025–1035), 1025–1035.

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