Campaign Organizers For Both The Republican And Democrat Parties Are Interested In I 2794932

Campaign organizers for both the Republican and Democrat parties are interested in identifying individual undecided voters who would consider voting for their party in an upcoming election. The file BlueOrRed contains data on a sample of voters with tracked variables including: whether or not they are undecided regarding their candidate preference, age, whether they own a home, gender, marital status, household size, income, years of education, and whether they attend church. Create a standard partition of the data with all the tracked variables and 50% of observations in the training set, 30% in the validation set, and 20% in the test set. Classify the data using kNearest Neighbors with up to k = 10. Use Age, HomeOwner, Female, HouseholdSize, Income, Education, and Church as input variables and Undecided as the output variable. In Step 2 of XLMiner’s k-Nearest Neighbors Classification procedure, be sure to Normalize Input Data, Score on best k between 1 and specified value, and assign prior class probabilities According to relative occurrences in training data. A. For k = 1, what is the overall error rate on the training set and the validation set, respectively? Explain the differ

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