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Calculating the FTE Value of the

Students in a Typical Elementary School

Happy Trails Elementary School recently opened in Palm Beach County to serve students in grades Kindergarten through fifth. The students in grades K – 5 attend from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Each student receives a daily 30 minute lunch period, as well as 30 minutes per week of music, media, P.E., computer, and art. The school’s enrollment is as follows:

Grade Enrollment

K 121

1 65

2 147

3 162

4 154

5 279

Total 928

The school has a K-5 ESE population of 85 students. These students are mildly disabled (either Speech/Language or Learning Disabled) and served in the regular classroom, with some “pullout” for direct instruction. The 50 Speech/Language students are seen by the SLP for 60-90 minutes per week. None of the ESE students have a Matrix score of 254 or 255.

Grade ESE Students

K 08

1 12

2 16

3 19

4 15

5 12

Total 83


1 What is the annual UFTE, by FEFP Program, of the entire school population?

2 What is the annual WFTE, by FEFP Program, of the school population, using the 2014/15 Cost Factors?

3 What is the FTE dollar value, including the District Cost Differential (DCD), of these students?

4 Suppose this school was located in Alachua County. What is the FTE dollar value of these students, including the District Cost Differential?

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