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INSTRUCTIONS 1.Only use your book Strategic Management by David & David 16th edition. It is your responsibility to get the book from the library or a classmate. Online sources or any other outside references are NOT PERMITTED 2.Answer and label every question by finding the answer to that question literally in the book. 3.Type your responses. The ANSWER MUST BE EXACTLY AS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK. 4.Identify the page you located the answer. 5.Each answer should be to the point and in direct response to the question. You should have between 2-5 sentences per answer. Take care in answering carefully…again LITERALLY from the book. NO PARAPHRASING! 6.Each question is worth 10 points (10 x 10=100) with no partial credit. 7.Working with others is NOT PERMITTED 8.Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Given your individual writing styles and where you begin and end your answers (given quoting literally from the book) it will be very easy to identify plagiarism…so please don’t try. If plagiarism is found the students involved will receive a failing grade for the course and be brought up on academic integrity violations 9.SINGLE SPACE YOUR ANSWERS. 10.AGAIN, SINGLE SPACE YOUR ANSWERS. 11.REMEMBER BOOK PAGE NUMBERS AFTER EACH ANSWER EXAMPLE: Question: Define Competitive Advantage. Answer: Strategic management is all about gaining and maintaining competitive advantage. This term can be defined as any activity a firm does especially well compared to the activities done by rival firms, or any resource a firm possesses that rival firms desire. (David. Page 8) QUESTIONS 1.Define strategic management. 2.What are the phases of the Strategic Management Model? Explain 3.What is the purpose and nature of an External Audit? 4.What is the nature of an Internal Audit? 5.Explain the SWOT Matrix. 6.Explain Backward, Forward, Vertical and Horizontal Integration. 7.Does it pay to be ethical? Explain. 8.Discuss the transition from formulating a strategy to implementing a strategy. 9.What are the two reasons changes in strategy require changes in organizational structure? 10.Explain annual objectives. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS, NO OUTSIDE SOURCES. THE BOOK IS ATTACHED BELOW Requirements: 2-5 sentences per question- 10 questions.

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