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TOPIC IS: CYBER SECURITY Individual current awareness assignments are due on or before July 24, 2021. If the report is turned in on or before June 20,2021, you will receive a 10 point bonus. Reports must be uploaded in Assignments: CURRENT AWARENESS.No assignments will be accepted beyond two days after July 24th.Current awareness reports will consist of discussions on a current information technology topic that you have researched for this class. You should inform me as to what topic you plan to cover, at least a week in advance. Each current awareness discussion will consist of a written report of at least 1500 words (approximately five pages). WHAT’S NEW?

Each of you will be expected to prepare at least a 1500 word report on the subject, upload it here and post it in the Discussions . This paper will be analyzed by Turnitin for plagiarism and paper word count. Excessive copying will have reduced points. Use your own words! This report is due by 7/24/2021. Reports received on or before 6/20/2021 will receive a 10% bonus I realize that you already read technical journals. However, you can find a list of free computer journals on the internet. Please indicate, to me, your subject, before doing the research, so that we can avoid duplicate subjects. There is a list of topics in the syllabus. Variations of each topic is acceptable. The report will be evaluated by the indicated rubric You may sign up by sending me an e-mail. First come, first serve.

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