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* The current status of 5G development, need to use at least 15 peer review article(Formal papers) 1. The worldwide progress of 5G development 2. 5G market analysis * Description on the changes brought to business by internet and information technology 1. Especially the impact it has on the traditional business * Detailed dig into the potential development space of 5G: 1. Analysis on the industries/business segments that have adopted 5G, including the rough description on their performance 2. Analysis on the industries/business that are going to adopt 5G * The expectations on 5G application from different countries/worldwide * Problems: 5G’s high costs (both its development and application) in the early stage * Detailed analysis on several industries that have applied 5G into business 1. Their performance and outcome 2. Detailed excavation on related data and reports * Expectation and analysis on the potential industries that are going to adopt 5G 1. Industries: * Characteristics of them * Outcome of 5G application * Analysis and assumption on the changes as well as impacts toward these industries 2. The business value brought by the application of 5G 3. Residents as users: * The expectation and thoughts on 5G from public * Potential value could be brought to consumers * 5G in Chinese market: + prevalence of 5G + Overall marketing analysis This is just a draft outline, and I have started the first part of the paper, there will be adjustments whenever is needed. Requirements: 6000 words

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