BUS 70360 AIU HIV Diagnosis Among African Americans Research Paper

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This assignment will provide you with a hands-on opportunity to conceptualize, plan, and articulate a suitable quantitative research study. This assignment will have three major components representing major sections of a dissertation; Introduction, Methodology, and Results with a reference section. Several of the components of this project will have individual due dates with opportunities for instructor’s feedback built into the syllabus, as well as individual consultation during instructor office hours or by appointment. Keep in mind this is not an actual study and it does not require to collect real data.

Read the Sample Research Design Paper for an example of a completed project to know the outline.

Begin working on your practice research design. A final version of your research design will be submitted in Week 8.

Complete Step 1 as outlined in the Research Design Project Guidelines Week 3Preview the document document.

Submit Part I as a Word document

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