BUS 201 College of San Mateo Nursing Home Residency Agreements Discussion

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Read the article “Trump Moves to Impede Consumer Lawsuits Against Nursing Homes” in the New York Times. You can find a link to the article in this week’s module under “Videos and Links”. After reading the article, please answer the following:

In general, in our legal system has been more of a government hands-off system compared to other countries, such as those in the EU. This allows companies to compete on a more level playing field, creating a free-market economy. Arbitration agreements are very common. If you read any contract you recently signed, it is very likely that there is an arbitration agreement, even for contracts with medical service providers. Do you think nursing homes should be allowed to require residents to agree to solve disputes in arbitration, even if it is due to substandard care? Why or why not?


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