Building Teams and Work Groups

Man is a social being, from the individual level, he transcends to the next level-the group level followed by the organizational level, then by the institutional level and lastly he is integrated in the society. Therefore, to work with others in different field is inevitable. Man needs others to survive, to feed him biologically, emotionally and physically. All of this integration of man with others started from the time that he is born. First, he became dependent to his mother as he feeds from her, second other members of the family pays close supervision of him and next he is incorporated with the rest of the family members.
From the family level, as he grows up he will meet new faces, neighbors perhaps that he may associate as friends. As he goes to school, he will be acquainted with a larger peer groups. From then on as he became socialized, his social networks will also widen. As mentioned in Module 7, assuming membership in a group requires a role and responsibility. An effective team must be able to come up with clear and right decisions. This can be done through constant meetings and consultations. Traditionally, it is conducted in a meeting place or a functional hall wherein you personally meet with the members of the group.
Since ancient time, there had been meditated ways of sending message and communication, likewise, the use of birds as messengers. Soon it was changed with letter writing and sending mails. Amidst the modernity of the society, people discovered new ways of communicating without the hassle of being present in every meetings and group work all the time. Through the use of telephones, people learned communicating the easy way and made much more easy as it became cordless and compact- the mobile phones. In the early 90’s computers were in the boom.
Name it, any transactions was made easier through e-mails, web-based environments etc. Schools and Universities also developed their own website for easy access and inquiries. Even the faculties required their students to provide their e-mail addresses so that he/she will be able to send academic related information through internets and they can also be able to conduct seminars and conferences on line. Evaluation of Peer Participation on the Research paper: Describing the Effective Characteristics of Mediated Communication Group Member Rating Contribution/s
Member1 9 Has made various internet researches, checked on the journals and books on the library. Actively participated the conceptualization and consolidated with the group. Consensus we the group members, we designated tasks needed to comply with the assignment to each member of the group. We also decided to come up with a peer evaluation paper wherein each group will determine the contributions and cooperativeness of each member through his/her rating with regards to the other group members. In a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, we came up with this summary of peer participation.

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