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Using the information you received during our session with the reference librarian, find 3 articles related to the science of climate change. Your articles could focus on topics like ocean acidification.

The assignment is as follows:

For each article

1. Give the title and authors (2 pts)

2. Where are the authors from? (2 pts)

3. Give the name of the scientific journal and the year in which the article was published. (2 pts)

4. Specialized vocabulary: Find 3 scientific terms used in the paper and provide a definition of each term. You can look in the “subject terms” and “Author-Supplied Key Terms” (6 pts)

5. Read the abstract (and Introduction if available) and answer the following:

What is the main focus of the paper? (3)

Is the hypothesis stated? If so, what is the hypothesis? (1)

Is this an example of a controlled experiment or a comparative experiment? Why? (3)

What were the main findings of the study? (3 pts)

6. Which database did you use to locate the article? (1)

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