BTT College Diversity Management Business Case and Moral Case Discussion

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I have an assignments that is due in tow parts.

the total assignment word count is 2000. About Business and diversity

500 words should be answers to a certain article I’ll prove you with.

The other 1500 words should in an essay format on a different topic

The delivery date for the 500 should be in 2 days.

But the 1500 you have 5 days to finish it

This is the instructions for the 500 words assignment A

Tasks: Read the article attached carefully, titled “Justice and fairness in the workplace: a trajectory for managing diversity” and answer these 4 questions in bullet point format. Word count in included.

  1. Using not more than 75 words, write a brief summary of the article, highlighting the key points that you have identified.
  2. Explain why the authors are critical of a pure business case approach to managing diversity? (Approximately 100 words Maximum)
  3. What is meant by gender pay inequity? What are some key strategies organisations implement in order to address gender pay inequity? (100 words maximum)
  4. What are some of the key strategies used by the two case study organisations to address the needs and challenges of culturally diverse employees? (200-300 words)

This is the instructions for the 1500 words- Assignment B

Topic: Diversity Management: The business case and the moral case

Tasks: Explain the linkages between the business case and moral case for managing diversity in organisations. Support your key arguments by sourcing ‘diversity statements disseminated/ publicised by an organisation (preferably a large Australian or a multi-national organisation) to justify their claims for managing diversity.

Assessment criteria:

  • Ability to draw extensively on theories and conceptual frameworks in your analysis;
  • Ability to translate learning to an organisational setting while drawing on examples from an organisation and integrate them to justify your arguments;
  • Use of at least 5 relevant refereed/peer-reviewed journal articles and related texts;
  • Appropriate presentation, including essay format, clear writing style and accurate use of the Harvard referencing system.
  • Maximum words 1500.

For now, start with assignment A don’t start with assignment B until You finish A. Then send it to me when you finish it within 48 hours. Then you can start with B. I’ll provide you with more details about B after you finish. I opened a 7 days window for this question so we have time. Hopefully we get it done before


Prof. Angela


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