Brochure Design

For this project, you are asked to design a brochure or a manual (Check out the samples in the Sample Projects folder.) Begin by choosing a topic first. Who’s your audience? Hint: if it’s a brochure, you are persuading (think why), if it’s a manual, you are showing a step-by-step process. Possible topics: eating out or cooking, spending an afternoon in the city, buying a car, why you should buy a new/used car, surviving your freshman year, signing up for classes, why they should consider applying to NYCCT, buying a house, renting an apartment in NYC, using a product or service, buying online, finding a job in NYC, choosing wine for different occasions, surviving finals’ week, using a tablet or iPhone and so on. Make a list of the issues you need to address. Organize the information into sections/categories. For instance, in a brochure, the sections should relate to why they should buy a car, such as benefits of owning a car; in a manual, the sections should respond to how they can buy a car, such as research, available options, financing, what they should watch out for and so on. Make use of the space so that it’s easy on the reader. Use visuals as needed. Use font size and color appropriately. Your brochure should have at least two pages. Your manual should have a contents page. Don’t forget to include images with the steps. I have attached the samples below… two are examples of what my fellow students did id prefer you use those ones Requirements: 2pgs

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