Brief Literature Review

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To conduct a literature review, researchers locate relevant articles and review them. Researchers also write abstracts of the article, which is a brief review of the literature. It is typically in a short paragraph, summarizing the major elements of the article. This brief literature review helps researchers write the final literature review.

In this assignment, you will write a brief review of literature (minimum 3–4 pages) based on your work done in Weeks 2 and 3.

The brief literature review should include the following elements:

  • The problem being addressed
  • The central purpose or focus of research
  • Information about the research approach
  • Review of key results related to your research topic
  • Whether the twelve articles are clearly reports of a research study, as opposed to essays, opinions, papers, typologies, or synthesis of past researches

Include the reference list in your brief literature review


cite references and use APA format !!

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