Bonobo Sex and Society Genetic Similarities and Differences Article Analysis Paper

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* DeWaal (1995) lists bonobos and chimpanzees as the non-human species closest to humans genetically. Bonobos seem to have less intra-species violence than either humans or chimps. In 1-2 paragraphs, comment on whether you believe based on this article that bonobos provide a good model for human efforts to be more cooperative and peaceful. Also, please comment on another student’s posting on the same topic.

* I will attach the article that you are suppose to read and write the discussion for below, along with screenshots of what other students wrote and you can pick ONE to respond too just let me know their name so when i submit i am responding to the correct person you wrote too.

* Also make sure that when you are writing a reply to a student you are replying to their discussion response not replying to another students reply if that makes sense.

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