Biology: Christian

Project instructions:
Click and read this FlashPaper: Biology: Christian 4.1Flash Paper
In the discussion Biology: Christian answer the following:
What are some problems with the theory of theistic evolution?
What aspects of the Christian worldview were foundational to the development of science?
Define the following topics: teleology, DNA, spontaneous generation, Second Law of Thermodynamics, and gene pool. How do they relate to the debate

over origins?
According to Walter Brown, what should we see in the fossil record if evolution is true?
What problems does the theory of punctuated equilibrium avoid? What problems must it face?
Tell about one or two ideas from the reading that surprised you or grabbed your attention. Why did this particular piece of information stand out

from the others? Do you agree or disagree with the concept? Explain why.
Your initial posting should be several paragraphs in length.
Respond to two other postings in the discussion.

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