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Hello i need a help for my Biogeography short answer , I put the related topic(lecture note) but i am not sure about that Out of six questions presented to you, you will be choosing three to respond 1.5 marks for the answer, and 1.5 marks for the example. The explanations and examples have to be sound and related to the course content. You will be writing a short-answer in a range of 150-250 words per question (not in total).At the end of each answer, you need to indicate the word count (0.5 mark will be deducted if you don’t indicate it). QUESTIONS (choose 3 ) Q1.Why are ophiolites relevant to explain mountain biogeography? Explain and provide an example.(topic#4) Q2. How does azonality distort zonality? Explain and provide an example. Q3. Why are mountain passes higher in the tropics? Explain and provide an example. (Topic#3) Q4. How does altitude imitate latitude? Explain and provide an example. (Topic#3) Q5. How does speciation take place in Mountains during glacial-interglacial cycles? Explain and provide an example. (Topic#3) Q6. How can Biogeography contribute to the success of Conservation Biology? Explain and provide an example. (Topic#1) Requirements: 900

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