BIO 3 Santa Monica College The Impacts Of High Temperature On Oxygen Consumption Lab Report

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Do a 2 page write-up on the lab. (in your own words. I will check for plagiarism).

Lab write-up should include:

A. Title (An appropriate but concise name)

B. An introduction. A brief explanation of what this lab will explore. Include observations and questions, relevant background information for this particular lab.

C. State your hypothesis, your testable theory.

D. Materials and Methods: Describe all material used in this lab. Describe how data was collected. Be as specific as possible.

E. Results: It is always good to use charts/graphs/tables to present your data.

F. Interpret your results. Do you accept or reject the hypothesis? Discuss why you obtained the results you did, what went wrong, and possible relevant research in the future.


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