BIO 120 Desert Ridge High School Polar Molecule & Osmosis Paper

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  1. Find an example of a polar molecule other than water. Draw an electron distribution diagram for this molecule. Label the following items in your drawing:
  • Molecular formula
  • Correct number of protons for each atom
  • Correct number of neutrons for each atom
  • Nucleus
  • Correct number and distribution of electrons for each atom (don’t forget to use accurate electron shells and orbitals).
  • Electrons involved in covalent bonding
  • A minus sign (-) indicating the negatively charged area of the molecule
  • A plus sign (+) indicating the positively charged area of the molecule
  1. Use chemical shorthand to indicate the chemical reactions for photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Use a few sentences to summarize what happens in each reaction. What is the biological context for each reaction (i.e. where does it happen and why)?
  1. Explain osmosis. Include the listed terms in your explanation.
  • Solvent
  • Solutes
  • Hypotonic
  • Hypertonic
  • Semipermeable membrane
  • Osmolarity

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