BIO 102 College of San Mateo Issue of Environmental Justice Discussion Question

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After watching this week’s lecture video on Misconceptions About Science

(Links to an external site.)

, we are going to spend some thinking about environmental literacy. The National Science Foundation’s Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education says that “creating a scientifically informed citizenry requires a concerted, systematic approach to environmental education.”

  • Do you agree with this statement from the National Science Foundation?
  • Do you think environmental education should focus on increasing just environmental knowledge alone? Or do you think attitudes and behaviors are just as necessary to focus on?
  • Please explain your thoughts, and draw on your personal feelings and experiences


  • The purpose of this assignment is to get us thinking about the issue of environmental justice.
  • We will watch a 2-minute video and then respond to prompts with a short essay.
  • You will upload your essay as online text (e.g. copy and paste, or type it in the box).
  • Please click the “Submit Assignment” button to get started with writing the essay after you’ve watched the video.


  • First, watch this NRDC video about Environmental Justice (Links to an external site.)
    , with closed captions and transcript provided.
  • Then, answer the following two questions, using the information you learned from this video.

Questions to Consider

  1. How would you define environmental justice in your own words?
  2. What factors potentially explain the locations of environmental hazards and emission in a given community?

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