Bethel Addressing the Problem of Art Appreciation and Criticism Discussion

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Discuss the differences and similarities between two works of are. The first artwork isJean Michel Basquiat’s Horn Player, 1983, oil on canvas (attached). The second artwork will be Sonia Deaunet-Terk’s Simultaneous Contrast, 1913, Oil on canvas (attached. Please compare Delauney Terk’s work to that of Basquiat.

Make sure to include the artist name, date, titke, & medium at the start of the critique. Describe the work in detail as if the reader has never seen this work before. Look at the parts of the work and how they fit together. How are the artists similar and/or different? Use at least 10 of the terms, making sure to back up each term with a short description. Use at least one of the three types of art criticism (formal theories, contextual theories, expressive theories) to assess the quality or historical importance of each piece. Back the critical theories up with facts. Include evidence that supports your point of view. The critique should be written all in your own words, and should be at least two full pages of writing. Any images used should be put on a third page. You should not be using any word for word information found on websites without properly citing the source. Quotes should be limited to 1-2 sentences.

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