Berkeley City College Kolor Spring 2021 Ready to Wear Press Release Paper

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The final exam for Marketing Communications is a writing assignment with several elements from both new and traditional media.

The press release goes to members of the media, and the social media goes to consumers who could be interested in this news.

It begins with writing a press release that announces a newsworthy event to the media.

The subject of your press release can be one of the following:

Go to

There are MANY slideshows of collections from Fashion Week.

Pick one and write a press release as though this show just occurred.

Note the looks, the influences, and write a quote for the designer explaining what the inspirations and point of view were for this collection.

NOTE: The press release MUST exactly follow the specified format and it must be 100% written by YOU!

Using the outline and format in this week’s powerpoint, write a three paragraph press release.



Paragraph 1: The introduction

Paragraph 2: The quote

Paragraph 3: The information

As outlined, the press release needs to be about something newsworthy to the media.

Make sure to follow all the rules regarding writing a professional press release.

Remember – the press release is written by YOU! DO not copy an existing press release!

Go to the website for more information. The press release should be about 400-500 words

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