Being a social worker

Assignment Goal: undefined In order to be effective, social workers must be self-reflective, which includes being aware of our triggers, our challenges with difficult topics, the types of clients with whom we are more likely to struggle with boundaries, to name a few. This assignment is to help you to begin what will need to be a life-long process of self-reflection as you integrate your course material in to your identity as a professional social worker. Listed below are a series of topic areas/questions. Students are asked to pick ONE of the topic area and write a 2-3 page reflection journal to address the questions under each topic area. Students need to include at least TWO course readings and discuss how those readings have influenced their thinking in some way, such as by challenging their previous thinking or expanding their self-understanding in some way.Question: On Being a Social Worker: What is the most important thing you have learned about social work since starting the program that you think is immediately applicable to your career? What influenced you to pursue a career in social work versus another helping profession? How do your values fit with social work? Reading Requirements a)The link between micro-mezzo-macro social work Class One Grady A Dombo – Chapter 2, pp. 4-17,” What to know before you even start” b)The National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics Class Two Corcoran Chapter 12, pp. 183 – 197, ” Ethics National Association of Social Workers. (2018). Code of ethics of the National Association of Social Works. Retrieved from: Kindly I have attach Class One Reading about “Community-centered Clinical Practice. Journal of Community Practice, 13 (4), 9-30. Requirements: 2-3 pages

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