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This client is doing her own small business for eyelashes extensions and also body sculpting. She juts post ad on her own Instagram and here’s the Instagram account: lashedbyvivianw and sculptedbyvivianw Currently she doesn’t have a shop and she’s only doing this at her own house, we are here to helping her to grow her business! Questions: 1. What possible solutions to the client’s problem have been developed? 2. Design and conduct the next meeting with client: a. Share results of your research b. Provide a vision of where the project is going; share the type of solutions you are developing—no need to tell the client everything about these, just their general direction c. Are you on track with the client’s needs? (If not, make changes as needed) 3. Provide a summary of one challenge your client faced and how you addressed this. Please include details on how you feel your group dynamics contributed to (or diminished) the success of your project. 4. What connection do you see, at this point, between the consulting project and the course materials or any other course in your MBA program? Requirements: 2 pages

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