BADM 533 UC Entry Into the Healthy Food Market Marketing Plan & Analysis Essay

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This is the paper and the idea is selected below.

you have to write about the Missions and Goals. and Environmental Analysis & SWOT

3 references required.


Collaborating with Whole foods (new product with existing company)

The products will be from whole foods market

Soups –spinach soups, veggie soups , beyond meat, mix veg soups,

Fresh Protein shake

oOatmeal- Flavors (fruits, veggies)

Veg burgers

Gluten free/Vegan options

Swett potato fries

Grilled chicken options


Keto options

Fruits salads

Egg bites

Healthy snacks –peanut butter toast

Separate entity (booth)

Drive through

Donate leftovers

Collaborate with fitness groups (promotion :discounts )

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