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Choose one of the three discussion questions below to answer in a post then respond to two classmates. This is meant to deepen your understanding of the topic and promote peer-to-peer teaching and learning. Respond to two other students’ posts. Identify what you agree with and what you would add or change about the post. Answer any questions they may have posted. 
Do you or someone you know care for a child with a developmental delay? Why is it important to perform a developmental assessment for the child? If you don’t have a child with a developmental delay or know anyone who does, imagine you do. 
What is the connection between developmental assessment and funding for children with developmental delay? Why are developmental assessments important in this regard? 
Imagine you are a nurse who conducts developmental assessments. What reason(s) could you imagine parents resisting conducting a developmental assessment on their child? How would you go about persuading them to have the procedure?
Include any questions you have about developmental assessments in your post.  Your initial post is due on Friday and your two responses are due the following Wednesday 6/2/21.

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