Avocado Oil Is Manufactured By Pressing Ripe Avocados And Blending Them Together

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2. Avocado oil is manufactured by pressing ripe avocados and blending them together. FiveCalifornia avocado types are available to buy next month Haas, Lamb Hass, Zutano, BaconGwen. Prices for buying each avocado type are given below {in $tton}: mum The fmal product sells at $180 per tonne. Haas and non-Haas avocados require different productionlines for pressing. It is not possible to press more than 210 tonnes of Haas avocados and more than26d tonnes of non-Haas avocados. There is a technical restriction relating to the average hardness of the final product. In the units inwhich hardness is measured this average must lie between 3.5 and 6.2 and tire hardness of each typeofavocado is: Haas Imam 8-8 "In Besides, the oil may never be made up of more than three avocado types. Also, if a type of avocadois used, at least 30 tonnes of that specific avocado type must be used. Finally, if either of Haas orLamb Haas avocados are used then Bacon must also be used. Determine what to buy and hon.r to blend the ripe avocados so that the company maximizes itsprofit.

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