AU Global Borders Territoriality & Creating a Borderless World Discussion

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When it comes to migration, borders are often seen as fixed and consequently, unchallenged. This week, we will consider borders beyond geographic lines. We will explore borders as functions of territoriality which allow some migrants more than others.

Driving Questions: How does global inequality affect migration? What is “territoriality” and how does it relate to borders and migration?


Define ‘territoriality’ and explain its misalignment with normative notions of ‘territory’

Define and explain the relationship between borders and ‘territoriality’

Apply examples of ‘territoriality’ to migration


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Reading journal

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1 IDEA: What are some big ideas? What was most interesting to me?

2 HIGHER EDUCATION : How do they apply to higher education (if not a higher ed article)?

3 ME: How do they apply to my scholarly and/or professional interests?

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