Attached Is My Practice Test 1 Chapter P For My College Algebra Course The Ans

Attached is my Practice Test 1 – Chapter P, for my college algebra course. The answers are provided, however

someone of the questions I do not understand how to complete/show my work. I have my first test on Thursday, September 15th, 2016 and have been working through these problems the past few days. I have found answers to many of the questions online, however I do not need the answers (as they are already provided) and by just knowing the correct answer will not do me any good. I have attached a pdf document, which does not show my work for the problems I understand. Since I am pushed for time, any help on any question (preferably the more difficult ones) would be greatly appreciated, even if every question is not provided with feedback. I am a science nerd and can recite any information regarding biology and anatomy, although I have never be good with math, and the sad part is is that it is basic college algebra (AND THE FIRST FEW CHAPTERS AT THAT)! 🙁

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Solutions1.Distance=11.0−(−19.2 )¿ 30.2 2.12 3 ( )X Y 3 32 Y open the brackets by resolving the power32 X Y9 ¿ Y3 92 3 =X29 ( 9 32 (9− 92 ) 32 92 ¿X Y ( )Y ¿X2 Y ÷Y 2 ¿X…

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