At A Instant When A 4 5 Kg Object Has An Acceleration Equal To A Ax Ay Where Ax

At a instant when a 4.5 kg object has anacceleration equal to ~a = (axˆı + ay ˆ|), whereax = 6.4 m/s2, ay = 2.9 m/s2, one of thetwo forces acting on the object is known tobe ~f1 = (f1xˆı + f1y ˆ|), where f1x = 12 N,f1y = 24 N.Determine the magnitude f2 of the otherforce acting on the object.Answer in units of N

Solution:Mass of the object,Acceleration of the object,One of the force,Let the other force be,So the net force will be,Now, And So the other force is,

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