Assignment: Developing an Assessment System

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The use of assessment data is an essential tool in the successful implementation of a school-wide MTSS. Data gained from student assessments are only useful when procedures used to collect the data are accurate and matched to students’ learning needs (Brown-Chidsey & Bickford, 2016). Assessment integrity ensures that the procedures used to collect the data are accurate and useful. The use of assessment checklists and observations are tools to ensure assessment integrity. Assessment integrity checklists identify the details and steps required to administer and score assessments.

For this assignment you will create an assessment system checklist focusing on one particular academic area.

To prepare

  • Review the module Learning Resources.
  • Review and integrate feedback from peers from Discussion 2.

Final assessment system checklist focused on your selected academic area that includes the following:

  • Processes for implementing and maintaining assessment
  • Evaluations to measure the effectiveness of the system
  • Structures to incorporate best practices of a systemic approach

Compose a 2- to 3-page rationale paper on your assessment system checklist that responds to the following sections:

  • What other factors influencing academics and achievement did you incorporate into the development of your assessment checklist?
  • How will students interface with your MTSS assessment system? Be sure to explain specifically what that interaction might look like.
  • How will your assessment system work across tier levels?

Attach your assessment system checklist as an appendix to your paper.

For this Assignment and all others in this course and throughout the program, you will be expected to use APA style (7th ed.). Use the Walden Writing Center as a resource for completing Assignments.

Learning Resources

Note: To access this module’s required library resources, please click on the link to the Course Readings List, found in the Course Materials section of your Syllabus.

Required Readings

Brown-Chidsey, R. & Bickford, R. (2016). Practical handbook of multi-tiered systems of support: Building academic and behavioral success in schools. New York, NY: Guildford Press.

  • Chapter 3, “The Importance of Details” (pp. 20–28)
  • Chapter 8, “Effective Team Processing: Using Data and a Problem-Solving Approach” (pp. 71–84)
  • Chapter 19, “Universal Screening” (pp. 195–211)
  • Chapter 21, “Progress Monitoring” (pp. 230-238)

Berry Kuchle, L., Zumeta Edmonds, R., Danielson, L. C., Peterson, A., & Riley‐Tillman, T. C. (2015). The next big idea: A framework for integrated academic and behavioral intensive intervention. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 30(4), 150–158.
The Next Big Idea: A Framework for Integrated Academic and Behavioral ntensive Intervention by Kuchle, L.B., Edmonds, R.Z., Danielson, L.C., & Peterson, A. in Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 30 (4), 150–158. Copyright 2015 by John Wiley & Sons. Used with permission of John Wiley & Sons via the Copyright Clearance Center.

McIntosh, K., Bohanon, H., & Goodman, S. (2011). Integrating academic and behavior supports within an RtI framework, Part 3: Secondary supports. Retrieved from

Required Media

Laureate Education (Producer). (2012d). Student behavior in a multi-tiered system of support [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 5 minutes.

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